• Mubu

Studio Update - 3.2.18

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Hails to the followers of the Lord of Night, the Master of Mystery, the King of the Cryptic...

We continue to weave the monochromatic and merciless world of CRYPTIC EXPLORERS for an eventual Kickstarter release - we are in no rush, but are certainly aiming to release this year.

Here are the major theatres of our black magical ATTACK, and the challenges we are soon to overcome:

+ Balancing For Prototype + The core design of Cryptic Explorers is solid, tested and true, and we are currently playtesting the hell out of it, many times per week, to ensure balance is in a good state before moving on. Many things about the game have changed since early last year, and with a game with as many possibilities as CRYPTIC EXPLORERS, we must balance it thoroughly to ensure no overpowered or potentially game-breaking situations slip through the cracks.

+ New Production Prototype + After we have played each Goddess on each Realm of Death a number of times against various configurations of Cryptonauts, both in our LAIR OF GAME CONJURATIONS and abroad, we will consider the game sufficiently balanced to pursue a new production prototype, complete with MANY changes to art and graphic design, resulting in a cleaner, leaner, meaner aesthetic. This means printing and assembling an all-new copy of the game that is as close to the final shipped game as possible in components and quality. This copy of CRYPTIC EXPLORERS will be used in reviews, advertisements, social media, photography, how-to-play videos, and more, so it has to look and feel phenomenal.

+ 3D Printed Prototype Miniatures + We are continuing to speak to various 3D printing services and receive sample prints and quotes for a full set of miniatures for CRYPTIC EXPLORERS. Additionally, we are requisitioning a new Cryptonaut sculpt for the Expert, the fourth class added to the game (Mercenaries, Scientists, Spellcasters, and Experts), and the only sculpt that the game currently lacks. Note that miniatures will be sold as an add-on in the Kickstarter for those who want them, and the base game will come with standees, to keep the base game price low and competitive. Final miniatures will be injection molded plastic, not 3D printed - these will just be to show a physical prototype of what the miniatures will look like, and play with at conventions, use in photographs, etc. There are miniatures for all monsters and each Cryptonaut class.

+ New Voodoo Game + We have completely designed, tested, and perfected a new game that we will announce and promote when the time is right, inspired by the real-world practices of Voodoo around the globe. Currently, art is being created for the game, and manufacturing priced for the Kickstarter. This game is significantly smaller and lighter-weight than CRYPTIC EXPLORERS, but very strategic and replayable, with more traditional art (it has color) inspired by old grotesque horror comics from the 70's and 80's, such as Tales from the Crypt. Expect more on this occult game in the future...

The ATTACK continues!