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“A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders.” 

~ Lord Dunsany


A follower of nocturnal winds and lunar alchemy. He is a designer of interactive worlds and lover of darkness, inspired by extreme heavy metal, weird fiction, horror, and ancient Chinese magic. He manages Tempest Tome's social presence, designs games, creates artwork and graphics, and handles communication with outsiders.


Technical game designer and ludo-theorist for Tempest Tome, FLNDR coordinates playtesting and event appearances, and drives quality assurance. A purveyor of cloaked earthen wisdom and kindling symbolism, he spread his creativity into storytelling, inspired by frenetic arts and musics, modern poetry, and the strange.


Priestess of serpents and spirits of nature, Nimhe spearheads all of Tempest Tome's artistic efforts, serving as an illustrator and art director. She is inspired by ancient mythology, traditional art from the old masters, spirituality from many cultures, and the organic beauty of Nature. Her work is at


Tempest Tome's mysterious scribe of Black Lore and a master of divinatory ritual. An ancient ally of Mubu, he is a devotee of the venerable school of pen and paper roleplaying. He uses his arcane knowledge of ancient myth and symbol to reveal the weird tales of the Cryptic Explorers multiverse, and others.



The voice found screaming at the bottom of the well. Elucid's deluded scribblings are a regular sighting in the pages of Tempest Tome. Her illustrations have graced many pages before this, and many after, but are never quite familiar or sane. She can be found in another form at

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