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Tempest Tome is a cabal of nightsky wizards, gathered in nocturnal communion to weave interactive worlds for the initiated.


Rejecting the mundane realms of modern gaming, we conjure thematic and mechanically unique experiences that focus on atmosphere and darkness. Our work is done for those curious outsiders who seek the cryptic and macabre in the corners of all worlds.


Maher (he/him)

A follower of nocturnal winds and lunar alchemy. He is a designer of interactive worlds inspired by extreme heavy metal, weird fiction, horror, and ancient Chinese magic. He manages Tempest Tome's social presence, designs games, and creates artwork and graphics.


Sophia (she/her)

Tempest Tome's mysterious scribe of Black Lore and a master of divinatory ritual. An ancient ally of Maher, she is a devotee of the venerable school of pen and paper roleplaying. She uses her arcane knowledge of ancient myth and symbol to reveal the weird tales of the Cryptic Explorers multiverse, and others.


Gennaro (he/him)

Tempest Tome's manifestor of unique cadences and sonics. Lead of business numbers and asset mover. He is inspired by a wide array of tabletop and video games, extreme metal, synth, and art cultures.


Nimrod (he/they)

Magus of the Jeweled Tabernacle and casualty of Babel. Sits happily in Plato’s cave and kindles the flames of its hearth. They serve the Tempest as scribe, seer, and jester.


Louis (he/him)


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